A Midsummer Night's Dream 2023 production poster with a braying donkey

A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

Adapted by Heather Simpkin
Directed by Conor Cook
The Bard's magical journey into Oberon and Titania's realm
June - September 2023 Tour & Brockley Jack Studio Theatre

Eloping lovers being chased through a faerie forest, enthusiastic but woefully inadequate locals intent on “putting on a show”, interfering sprites — what could go wrong? Well everything, apparently!

Much Ado About Nothing 2022 production poster pink roses with an out-of-focus background

Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare

Adapted and directed by Heather Simpkin
The Bard's eternally popular matchmaking mischeif
June - September 2022 Tour & Brockley Jack Studio Theatre

Come and enjoy an hour or two in a glorious setting with Shakespeare's most popular bantering couple — Beatrice and Benedick. Hilariously awkward in each other's presence, their witty repartee leads to love — with a little help from their friends.

Cinderella 2021 Pantomime poster image showing a beautiful young woman with a medaeval banner reading Cinderella on a purple background


Written and directed by Heather Simpkin.
Kenton Theatre, Henley-on-Thames, Christmas 2021.

The magical story of Cinderella, with stunning musical performances, loved by young and old alike.

Outdoor photo from the 2021 production of Twelfth Night showing Sir Toby, Feste and Maria hiding in camoflage netting behind Malvolio who reads from his letter

Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

Adapted and directed by Heather Simpkin
The Bard's timeless, hilarious masterpiece
July - September 2021 Tour

An outdoor location, a rug — perhaps a glass of something bubbly… and a classic comic masterpiece — what could be more enticing?
This imaginative production of a perennial favourite is brought to glorious, vivid life for the whole family to enjoy.

Wild Man of the Woods poster showing a healthy tree in full colour and an inverted mirror image of the same tree, stark and bare without leaves and in monochrome

Wild Man of the Woods

Newly translated and adapted from Anton Chekhov's Wood Demon
In development 2023-2024

Can love itself prevent the destruction of the environment?

A never-before seen version of Chekhov’s neglected masterpiece.

Sleeping Beauty 2019 Pantomime poster showing Buttons, Beauty and Malificent with a medaeval banner reading Sleeping Beauty on a starry blue background

Sleeping Beauty

Written and directed by Heather Simpkin.
Kenton Theatre, Henley-on-Thames, Christmas 2019.

A triumphant return of Heather Simpkin to the Kenton Theatre with a show that delighted children and adults alike!

Locked Up play poster with two young men facing toward each other and away from each other in multiple mirror images

Locked Up

Written by Heather Simpkin, Directed by James McAndrew
Tristan Bates Theatre. 10 - 28 July 2018

Multi-Off West End Award nominated.
A play about trust and betrayal that directly engages with the current political and social landscape, and addresses the nature of integrity and honesty in everyone.

USA and Syria flag juxtaposed

Waiting Games

Written by Heather Simpkin.
In development.

A manic young man and a wealthy American woman are detained in a waiting room in the neutral-zone-limbo of airport border security. What game is being played, by whom, and just how far will it go?

Puck hugging arms with forest and fairy lights in background

A Midsummer Night's Dream: Light and Dark

Shakespeare's iconic comedy, with a twist.
Spring 2014 Tour in association with Immersion Theatre

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is often regarded as one of literature’s most wonderful and iconic comedies. What happens, however, if all preconceptions are forgotten? What if the text is taken at its word and the situations we have grown so familiar with are played for what they really are rather than for comic effect?