Sleeping Beauty 2019 cast photo

Sleeping Beauty

Written and directed by Heather Simpkin.

Kenton Theatre, Henley-on-Thames, Christmas 2019.

There really is nothing like a good old traditional British panto to get you in the holiday mood!

This year, Kenton Theatre Presentations in association with Bear in the Air Productions are delighted to bring you the fun and frolics, the energy and dynamism, and the love and romance of Sleeping Beauty.

You will be delighted and enchanted! There will be everything you have come to expect from the much-loved Kenton pantomime – a heart-warming story for all the family told with wit and charm.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, so the story goes, the King and Queen organise a great feast to celebrate the birth of their daughter, Briar-Rose. In their eagerness they forget to invite the Sorceress Maleficent who arrives mid-feast to wreak her revenge, crying out: "The King’s daughter shall, in her eighteenth year, prick herself with a spindle and fall down dead!"

Fortunately, there is a Good Fairy who bestows her magical gift on the Princess and softens the curse saying: "The Princess will instead fall into a deep sleep, to be awakened only by true love’s kiss."

Whether you know the rest of the story or not, we promise you much fun and enchantment, and many hilarious moments along the way!